Explained in 20 Seconds

How it works

Let your HR and Safety departments start managing your company's COVID-19 response with Preworkscreen in a few easy steps. Simply create an employer account, have your employees register using your company's registration code, and let Preworkscreen start collecting and documenting your employee's health assessments automatically for you. For a printable summary of Preworkscreen, please click here.

Key Features

Get back to work safer and faster with an easy-to-use solution for
managing your company's health assessment requirements.

Enterprise Plan

Need additional features for your company’s specific employee COVID-19
screening requirements? No problem. Sign up for the enterprise package
and let us customize Preworkscreen to meet your exact needs.


Custom Questions

Have your employees answer symptom questionnaires specific to your company's policies or industry's requirements.


Access Control

Create multiple accounts for different groups/divisions in your business with customizable access policies.



Use push notifications to let managers and HR/safety officers send important messages to their workers instantly.


Extra Analytics

Calculate and report custom statistics your company needs to help your workforce stay safe and productive.


Enchanced Data Collection

Have fine-grained control over what employee data is collected and reported by Preworkscreen to further reduce liability risk.


Anything Else

Need a feature we haven't thought of? Contact us using the link below and let us start making Preworkscreen work for you!