An Online Employee COVID-19 Self-Screening Report System

Online Employee COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment

Online Employee COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment

Preworkscreen is an online COVID-19 self-assessment system that allows employees to evaluate and report their health status to HR/Safety Officers from their mobile phones quickly and easily! It complies with state (NY, CA, NJ, etc.) reopening employee self-assessment guidelines, reduces your company's liability risks, and protects your employee’s health and safety by preventing the spread of COVID-19 throughout your work place.

COVID-19 Daily Health Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Get back to work safely and efficiently

Many states are requiring employees to perform health self-assessments prior to the beginning of their work day to verify they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. This has created quite the headache for HR and Safety departments all across the country, as it is exceedingly difficult to collect and store these assessments.

Fortunately, Preworkscreen’s online COVID-19 self-assessment system allows employees to evaluate their health status in a way that is completely online, quick, easy, and safe. Moreover, Preworkscreen handles all the COVID-19 issues your HR & Safety departments are currently encountering. Get back to work now, and make your company’s reopening transition as seamless as possible.

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