Preworkscreen FAQ

An Online COVID-19 Self-Assessment System

In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, some state governments around the country are requiring daily health assessments of all employees before they are allowed to report to work. These assessments keep employees safe and greatly reduce the risks associated with COVID-19. By allowing individuals to complete their assessments themselves, companies can meet their state’s minimum reopening requirements in a way that is safe, easy, and efficient.

Preworkscreen simplifies the burdensome process of meeting your state’s minimum employee symptom self-screening requirements. By using Preworkscreen, you avoid the difficult tasks of implementing your own screening processes and documenting your company’s compliance with state’s orders. By allowing employees to use our daily self-assessments prior to work, your company can reopen, get employees back to work, and further aid in the protection of American lives.

Yes – Preworkscreen helps employees record and self-manage their daily temperature and health checks prior to arriving at work.

An Employer account is registered by a person representing a company, organization, or other business entity. He/she will be the administrator of the employees associated with the entity. This account has necessary privileges that allow them to access self-screening information required by state policies. For example, it reports any unhealthy status of associated employees in a timely manner.

All employees in an entity are associated to an employer account. An employee can register with Preworkscreen after his/her employer has provided them a company code. After receiving it, employees can navigate to and complete the forms prompting them for their information.

All employer accounts have access to a powerful user dashboard. The dashboard displays information related to your entire company’s overall and/or individual employee’s health status. Furthermore, Preworkscreen makes managing and retrieving the documentation to show state order compliance easy with data export capabilities.

A health self-assessment is a process in which a person can evaluate their health status by answering questions related to COVID-19 medical symptoms. The questions are specified by the state or CDC for self-assessment. In other words, self-assessments are a way for employees to evaluate their health status based on state orders and CDC guidelines.

Only the final result of the evaluation will be available to employers. Individual answers to questions in the self-assessments will not be shared unless it is required by company reopening policies, authorized by the employee, or required by state orders.

A company code is a combination of letters and numbers used to identify specific companies. Using this code, employees can quickly create their Preworkscreen account, link the account to the correct company, and start uploading their self-assessment results.

Different states may have different requirements detailing what must be performed during daily pre-work health self-assessments. For all the states supported, simply answer each question in the assessment and submit the final result before entering your place of work. By choosing the state your work place belongs to, self-assessment questions will automatically be customized to fit your needs.

Preworkscreen services are paid by the registering company, instead of employee users. A company can purchase any number of user licenses after registering with Preworkscreen. The number of users is typically the number of employees performing self-assessments before they go to work. The price is $3.99 per user per month.

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