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5 Reasons to Use Preworkscreen

5 Reasons to Use Preworkscreen

5 Reasons to Use Preworkscreen

Managing required daily employee health screenings has become increasingly difficult for HR/Safety Officers. Preworkscreen offers a powerful online solution where employees or guests can easily take self-assessments every day from their mobile devices and employers can track their results using an administrative dashboard on the web. Preworkscreen’s App streamlines the self-screening process, allowing employees to complete CDC and State Covid-19 Daily Health Self-assessment Questionnaires in seconds. Preworkscreen offers a free trial for up to 5 users without requiring credit card information, allowing you to completely test Preworkscreen’s functionality. If you decide to add more users, Preworkscreen is a month to month subscription service that you can cancel at anytime.

1. Custom Tailored Screen Solutions

2. Advanced Notification and Alert System

3. User Friendly for Employers, Employees, and Visitors

4. Scalable and Useful for a Wide Range of Organizations with many Departments

5.Safe, Private, and Secure

Preworkscreen offers flexible plans to meet your enterprise health screening requirements starting from only $1.00 per user a month. Furthermore, there are several available customizations, including new functionalities, private hosting, etc. From small businesses to large organizations and everything in-between, Preworkscreen provides a complete solution for performing required daily employee health screenings. Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].