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Preworkscreen, An Employee COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment Report System, is Published

Preworkscreen, An Employee COVID-19 Daily Self-Assessment Report System, is Published

New York, Connecticut, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, and many other states and localities are requiring employees to perform health self-assessments prior to the beginning of their workdays, verifying that they are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. For example, New York’s Phase I reopening plan requires that employers perform mandatory health assessments before employees begin work each day. Additionally, assessment responses must be documented and reviewed regularly to ensure compliance.

To further complicate issues with compliance, states around the country are enforcing different requirements for their employee self-screening procedures. For example, many states simply recommend or require a daily self-screening questionnaire based on CDC-specified COVID-19 symptoms. However, Texas requires additional state-specific questions, such as checking if at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications). Similarly, states like Ohio add exceptions to their requirements that allow people who exhibit symptoms but have tested negative for COVID-19 to report to work.

However, one thing that is agreed upon is that both employers and employees are finding that meeting self-assessment reopening requirements is difficult and inefficient. Specifically, the task of implementing employee COVID-19 symptom self-assessments has shown to be challenging, and includes nontrivial tasks such as employee self-assessment report management, documentation, and response. Furthermore, self-screening procedures must be updated constantly as state and CDC guidelines frequently change.

Today, InfoBeyond is releasing an Employee COVID-19 Daily Assessment report system, Preworkscreen. This system provides an effective way for employees to report their health self-assessment results to employers. Employers can use Preworkscreen to easily manage a large number of employees and check their self-assessment results in real-time. Furthermore, a COVID-19 hotline can be provided for employees that allow them to quickly contact their employers in case of urgent health issues. Meanwhile, employers and employees can interact through a system designed for maximum protection of your data security and privacy.

One of the best features of Preworkscreen is that it is simple and easy to use. Employees can complete their health self-screenings quickly and effortlessly using a phone or web browser, and employers manage the account that their employees are associated with. Upon completion of the health self-assessment, e.g., symptom and temperature checks, employees submit their results to Preworkscreen using a mobile phone or other devices. The results are then securely stored on our system and the necessary results are reported to employers. Employers can receive notifications so they can immediately take action, e.g., instructing employee to stay home if any COVID-19 related symptoms. This allows companies to efficiently prevent the potential risk spreading COVID-19 at the work site.

Preworkscreen has many attractive features for both employers and employees. It enhances workspace safety by preventing infections due to COVID-19 high-risk employees. Additionally, employee self-assessment questionnaires are automatically updated as state and CDC guidelines change. Preworkscreen also provides employers with a dashboard that contains all the information they need to manage their employee’s assessment needs.

Ensure your company’s reopening is safe, efficient, and legal with Preworkscreen. To find out more, check out how it works.