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Preworkscreen: Compliance with OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)

Preworkscreen: Compliance with OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)

Preworkscreen: Compliance with OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS)

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) ETS (Emergency Temporary Standard) requires private employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their staff is either vaccinated or their unvaccinated employees submit to weekly COVID- 19 tests. Preworkscreen is the first COVID app that lets employees report their COVID-19 health statuses to HR/Safety officers within their company. It allows employers to implement mandatory vaccination & COVID-19 test policies in compliance with OSHA ETS cost effectively, creates a list showing the vaccination status of each employee, obtains proof of vaccination, and securely maintains these records. The app’s OSHA ETS features are based upon the usage of thousands of organizations including many public companies, governmental entities, state and city agencies as well as counties. It is the state-of-art solution for:

OSHA ETS vs. Preworkscreen Features: Preworkscreen has a variety of key OSHA ETS features that are desirable for employers to cost-effectively manage employees’ vaccination records and test results. It supports SSO and bulk enrollment (e.g., excel table, active directory) to reduce implementation efforts. All the enrolled employees can easily be organized in a hierarchical structure (i.e., different offices) and the reports can be viewed by various admins via a fine-grained role-based access control system. An automation mechanism is designed to make the collection of vaccination and testing result easy without human (e.g., HR) intervention. Meanwhile, admin/secondary admin/department manager can view, update, reject, verify, and approve the submitted vaccination and testing results in a user-friendly way. Graphic based UIs (User interfaces) are provided to sort, search, report by date, by location, by week, or other time criterias. Powerful management functions are further improved in Preworkscreen through use of email/SMS notifications. These emails can be sent to multiple recipients (e.g., department head, or safety director in case of a COVID event). Email templates can be edited by admins to meet their specific department requirements. Employers can publish internal COVID policies or other information by sharing documents or emails/texts.

Some other important features in favor of OSHA ETS compliance are:

  1. Ability to collect exemption status and reason with reporting capabilities
  2. Scheduling of COVID tests
  3. Ability to input vaccine/test information, to include attach a file and/or take a picture from a mobile device and store (e.g., vaccine/test card)
  4. Capture HHS mandated AOE capture for each collection
  5. Ability to generate OSHA ETS reporting.

In addition, Preworkscreen will integrate with COVID testing providers so that testing results can be uploaded from the testing provider, preventing fraudulent COVID testing results. Furthermore, Preworkscreen is scalable and reliable with high service SLA availability. Our team offers excellent customer services in a workflow and quick responses of service request. The mobile App is non-intrusive for privacy preservation that will not collect any device or user data beyond the subscriber services. More specifically, many of our customers like to use Preworkscreen via their mobile browser, therefore, avoiding the issue of requiring employees to install an app on their personal devices. In this case, the Preworkscreen guarantees ZERO extra device or user data collection other than what the user gives. Such a feature promotes employees to submit vaccine records and test results. Additionally, Preworkscreen is billed as a month to month subscription.