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Preworkscreen Makes Returning to the Office & Planning Events A Breeze

Preworkscreen Makes Returning to the Office & Planning Events A Breeze

Preworkscreen Makes Returning to the Office & Planning Events A Breeze

As COVID-19 cases decline and governments across the country relax mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, in-person office work and events are starting to take course. Organizations need to be more proactive than ever to make sure in-person interactions are safe and productive especially as the ba.2 variant of Omicron currently spreads throughout Europe and China. The United States could very well be the next hotspot of new COVID-19 cases.

Preworkscreen is a full service COVID-19 management platform where employees and event attendees can upload vaccine, test results, and health screening data that the organization can maintain and track to mitigate risk and heighten response. All of the surveys where employees and attendees submit this information are customizable based on the organization’s specific requirements.

Vaccine Tracking and Management

Employees can update their vaccine dose type and dates from first shot to booster and upload a copy of their card in a secure survey through a browser or their mobile device. Administrators have access to this information in exportable reports and can approve or reject employee’s vaccine submissions. They can remind employees to fill out this survey or update this information if they are out of compliance through a custom email and text reminder system.

COVID-19 Test Result Tracking

Employees can also upload COVID-19 test results through another secure survey. Administrators can take action based on test results, either removing them from the workspace or marking them clean. They also can be alerted when someone submits a positive test result and remind their employees to submit test results on a recurring/non recurring basis through email and text.

Daily Health Screening

Employees can submit daily health screenings to attest they are not displaying COVID-19 symptoms to report to the office. They can be reminded to do the screening by a certain time if they haven’t by email and text. Administrators can access reports of who is missing, passing, or non-passing for the day and be alerted when some does fail the assessment in real time.

Attendees at Events

For events, Preworkscreen offers one-time use visitor screens where attendees can access a link or QR to submit vaccination, test results, or health screening information. This can be tracked in reports separately from employees and administrators can be notified when an attendee fails.