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Text Notifications, Spanish Support, and Many New Exciting Features!

Here at Infobeyond Technology we have been hard at work continuing to make Preworkscreen the best solution for your company’s employee COVID-19 screenings. We’ve rolled our app out to hundreds of companies and have thousands of employees completing their own COVID-19 self-assessments each day. As we diligently continue working toward our goal of keeping workplaces COVID-19 free, we are excited to announce several new features that help keep employees safe, supervisors informed, and the burden of managing your company’s COVID-19 response small.

Are you concerned that your employees will forget to complete their daily self-assessments before coming into work? With Preworkscreen’s new reminder feature you can worry no more! A new configurable option that can be turned on by the company’s admin sends daily email or SMS text reminders to employees before they began their shift. Combine this with the daily employee health summaries sent to administrators and you can rest assured that your employees are staying as safe as possible and always reporting their health status to the Preworkscreen system.

In addition to the new notification system, Preworkscreen now supports more users than ever before. Both our app and all 50 states’ self-assessment questionnaires have been professionally translated to Spanish, and companies with Spanish-speaking employees can now seamlessly integrate our daily self-screening system into their workplace.

New administrator capabilities have been added to Preworkscreen to let managers and decision makers be more productive and have more control over the self-assessments their employees perform. Administrators can now create employees accounts themselves, entirely avoiding the requirement of having employees register their own. Furthermore, administrators can add hundreds of employees this way in one swift upload using excel spreadsheets. All employee information collected by Preworkscreen is also now exportable to excel spreadsheets and new questions for temperature collection and out-of-state travel can be turned on to collect important information related to health risks.

To find out more information about how Preworkscreen works and some of its features go to here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at here.